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Our mission is to promote Leadership in Technology and Engineering Education as an integral part of STEM education at the elementary, middle and high school levels.  The CSL Council exists to promote and support individuals in Supervisory and Leadership positions. If you are not a member, please consider joining our team. 

The International Technology and Engineering Educators Council for Supervision and Leadership (ITEEA-CSL) sponsors professional development opportunities throughout the year both online and in face-to-face settings. Online professional development is scheduled through our discussion forum. Any and all participants are welcome to comment and review the discussion. Face-to-face professional development is offered during the ITEEA conference. Details on both can be found below.

ITEEA-CSL Online Discussion Forum

ITEEA Professional Organizations :

ITEEA supports several professional organizations, please find the link to their respective websites below.

ITEEA-CSL Board President:

RJ Dake, Kansas State Department of Education

Seldom do we appreciate the full contributions of the “behind the scenes” teams that make sure things get done and rarely ask for recognition they deserve. For those of you who are not aware, much of December, January, and part of February I spent battling serious illness, ailments initiated by stress and then compounded. When one of our leadership discovered my situation, he stepped in, engaged others and together they made sure events were planned and managed for the coming conference.

Most of us in leadership roles, myself included, would prefer to forget/move on/distance ourselves from events like these. They are humiliating to watch, even more to experience… it is easier to turn away, walk away, or disassociate. That is why it is so important to honor the courage illustrated by these … your leaders. Just as important is to follow their example, when faced in your work environment.

Historically, attention has been focused on efficiency, winning, moving up, and on removing the complexity or short term costs of humane management. That “efficiency” is myopic. Though we are beginning to turn a critical corner as we recognize efficiencies highlighted by Daniel Pink, Clay Shirky, and others in their work on collaboration and motivation, we are “not there yet.”
That brings me to my invitation to you. I am asking you to exceed the opportunity to be a good manager by becoming a great leader, to respectfully engage even the employee who is the “least” on your team, to pay a price to be humane, to look far beyond today or tomorrow and into the future. Leave a legacy that at the end of your tenure or the end of your life will be proud of your means.

ITEEA is a family … our Council of Supervision and Leadership offers opportunity to show those new to our field how to develop leaders, elevate our profession, empower our youth, and ensure our future. Take the example shown me and believe it to others … even if the onlookers have nothing to offer you! What they learn will make life better for those following.

RJ Dake ,
Education Program Consultant,
Kansas State Department of Education

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Board of Directors

  • President Elect:
    Mark Crenshaw, Georgia State Department of Education
  • Past President:
    RJ Dake, Kansas State Department of Education
  • ITEEA Board Representative:
    Steve Parrott, Illinois State Department of Education
  • Secretary / Treasurer:
    Barry Burke, STEM Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Membership Chair :
    Johnny Moye, ITEEA Research